Killer Bikini Vampire Girls - (KBVG).

A while later, I worked on a tiny-budget, indie film; "Killer Bikini Vampire Girls".

It's no masterpiece of modern cinema but we all had a hoot. It was a lot of fun eventhough the exploding vampire test in my folk's backyard looked more like a sort of gentle fizzle and my one cameo scene is both awkward and clumsy. I can't complain, I had a bikini clad vampire chick nibbling on my neck, what a shame that scene had to be re-shot 4 or 5 times.

skeleton dev 1 skeleton dev 2

Skeleton prop, this was going to be burnt, seen as a silhouette in a doorway so it didn't have to be 100% realistic.

skeleton dev 3 skeleton dev 4

Skeleton back view & arm detail. Note: the ninja sword (safety) replica I built, in the background (furthest).

skeleton dev 5 skeleton dev 6

A test of how it will look, back-lit in a doorway, note the detail is partly lost especially around the hand, improving the realism.

The skeleton was "skinned" with black paper to make it appear solid and substantial. The idea was, it would burn very quickly showing a charred skeleton beneath, I drew up a rough storyboard of the idea. The strong backlighting and some post processing tricks would help conceal the cruder details.

Working on KBVG gave me a glimpse into the filmmaking process, it was great to see my props being used in a real film for the first time. I like the challenge of creating something realistic with inexpensive materials, the total material costs for the KBVG props I built was AUD$160!

Since then, there's been a few nibbles of interest from local film makers, but nothing confirmed as is the nature of low-budget film making. In the meantime, I'm aiming to make my stuff better known around the Perth scene and see if I can get things rolling.

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