Add a heatsink to G5A's CPU.

I have a GPD-G5A Android handheld and as with everything, it was only a matter of time before I opened it up for a look inside.

The G5A doesn't really need a heatsink on the processor but as I had one in the scrap box, why not?

Mainboard Heatsink
Photo 1 & 2: G5A mainboard and close-up processor heatsink

It's a very easy mod, the heatsink I used had thermal tape in place so I just stuck it on. The only thing to be careful of is the heatsink can't be more than 4mm tall or it'll clash with the back shell. Also the processor package is probably about 19mm2 and my heatsink is 25mm2 so I had to make sure the overlap wouldn't touch any nearby components. Edit: (corrected dimensions)

I doubt it will help much with overclocking but who knows?

GPD have done an excellent job of making the G5A's internal gubbins nice and modular, the controls are connected via daughterboards. If someone felt inclined to do radical case modding, it would be quite easy to tweak the layout...




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