A friend of a friend used to throw yearly Halloween parties. One year, I created an "Ash" costume with chain-saw and shottie, for a friend and helped on my girlfriend's "Borg" costume, while I went as a kind of weird hillbilly scarecrow character. That orange face paint was actually cadmium based, so six fingered mutant children for me. Another time, I created a "Pan" costume which turned out more theatrical than filmic, again all fun. We went to a "Playboy" party dressed as perverts having (deliberately?) misinterpreted the meaning of playboy. It was embarrassing, but once everyone had had a few cocktails the foot-long comedy squirting penises and vintage stick-mags under our trench coats weren't taken too seriously.

I'd go nuts for a week or two leading up to Halloween building these elaborate costumes out of scrap and inexpensive materials from op-shops and thrift stores. It was a lot of fun, but we did end up feeling a bit over-dressed as most people are happy just to cut some holes in a sheet and call it a ghost.

3freaks ash
Costume fun. (pity about the blurry photos)

More costume fun. (pity about the crappy photo)

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