DIY Guides.

I've put together a few rough guides from the projects I've completed recently. They're mentioned elsewhere around here but for those who enjoy reading guides here they are in one place:

DIY bartop arcade machine
Build-Your-Own Barcade-a-Tron (plans coming soon)

GPD G5A heatsink simpler raspi pi
GPD G5A heatsink & DIY Simpler Raspberry Pi Case - With plans PDF!

LCD and top of board raspi pi
Fix YDPG16 Jammed Button - Photos and OTG diagram! & DIY Quick and simple Raspberry Pi case - New!

suspension mod arcade-a-tron mk3
Go-Kart suspension mods - New plans! & Arcade-a-Tron MK3 - New photos!

DIY gearbox Prop Handgun
2-speed Gearbox plans - New videos! & Handgun Movie Prop - Original recipe!

DIY arcade machine
Arcade-a-Tron MK1 (2002ish) - Now with extra cheese!


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