Drawing & Photoshop.

Here are some ancient sketches, I think most of these were done around 1998-2003? I used to get the urge to draw in the evening, especially in winter when there's not much else to do. I haven't done a lot of this lately, sketching and drawing were a big part of my job at LPP, I think I may have used up my drawing neurons, no doubt I'll eventually get the urge back and start up again. Anyway below are a few of my less awful character sketches:

droid war angel fairy greenman grimreaper
Pencil Drawings.

There's not much to say about them. I was trying to get better at drawing figures from my imagination without references. I've always enjoyed comic book character art. When I went back to school, I met a guy called Matt, who was very good at fantasy characters and comic book art, I guess some of his ideas embedded themselves in my drawing cortex and I attempted to replicate them in my own hit-and-miss way. Most of them have an unnatural awkwardness in their posture, I need to study anatomy more carefully and understand the effect of gravity on figures.

More recent stuff.

The drawing bug is nibbling again so no doubt I'll be updating this area with newer drawings as they emerge. The first one is based on an early concept sketch of the shotgun pistol prop. The tank is inspired by artwork of the Metal Slug series. Golem House is just a bit of fantasy fun inspired by Howl's Moving Castle and Josh Kirby's cover art from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

black betty sketchtank sketch
Black Betty and Tank Sketches.

golem house sketch

Photoshop fun.

I've only recently been re-learning Photoshop (PS) after years of neglect. No doubt these images will become embarrassing as my skills improve but sod-it, here they are. The book cover is a rip off from "Game.Machines" by Winnie Forster. I find the best way to learn is by replicating the work of others, I like the subject matter so it wasn't as much of an effort as it would be if I were following a dry tutorial copying some boring magazine cover.

lighter tute photoshop tablet fun fistfull of handhelds mock I've done all this stuff better, before he did: Isaac Asimov
greenman banner tute
Photoshop shenanigans.

Photoshop (PS) is great once you get friendly with the interface and underlying concepts. I was taught PS at Uni' using Macs (that had persistent suicidal tendencies) and by following horrible, dry text book tutorials and never really liked it. After Uni' my work rarely required the sophistication of PS so my skills lapsed for a while there.

Starting afresh I followed online tutes and got tutoring when needed combined with some enjoyable self-made projects like the book cover and web page mocks. Eventually I got the hang of it. Now I find it pretty straightforward (and even fun) when I want to build a page mockup. Photoshop is so powerful that tweaking graphics can get addictive. I can see why people mess around with it as a hobby. In hindsight I probably should've used PS more often when I worked for LPP, a lot of the things that used to frustrate the hell out of me with other software are fairly trivial in Photoshop.

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